The Kohlgraf Family History

By Jane Kolegraff Wendell



December 13, 2017


Welcome to the Kohlgraf Family History. On these pages, we are posting the history of the Kohlgraf family.  This is a work in progress, and we will change it as new information is found.  We welcome comments, corrections, and any information!


        Hubert and Anna Maria (Brüggen) Kohlgraf came to the USA in 1857.  They laid the foundation for new generations of the family as they established a home in Wisconsin, and later came to Dakota Territory, now South Dakota.


        Today our family includes members who use a number of different spellings of the name:  Kohlgraf, Kolegraff, Kolegraf, Kolegraph, and Kolgraff.  We also have cousins who live in Germany.  It’s a small world!